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single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is an advanced cone crusher developed by absorbing advanced crushing technology in the world, integrating mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and intelligent control technologies. Our single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a new crusher structure, optimized laminated crushing cavity, and a fully intelligent automatic control system, which is widely used in metallurgy, construction, hydropower, transportation, the chemical industry, and building materials industry. Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is suitable for crushing various ores and rocks of hard and medium hardness or above.If you wanna buy cone crushers, our single-cylinder cone crusher is your best choice.

Feeding size: <560MM
Installed power: 90-750kw
Production capacity: 30-2000 T/H
Applicable materials: ferrous, non-ferrous, non-metallic mines and sand and gravel materials.

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Working principle

The motor drives the pinion gear of the crusher, and the pinion gear drives the large gear, which in turn drives the eccentric sleeve assembly and the main shaft assembly to rotate in the bushing and the main shaft assembly to rotate in the eccentric copper sleeve. After the material enters the crushing chamber, it is crushed by the slowly rotating inner cone that swings back and forth with its colleagues. When the crusher falls into unbreakable objects such as metal pieces, the single-cylinder cone is lifted by the hydraulic piston at the bottom, which plays the role of discharge port adjustment and over-iron protection, repeatedly lifting and lowering to eliminate the blockage.

Product Advantages

Why choose AGICO single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Adopting hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic protection, the structure of our single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is simplified and the crushing capacity is huge.

By changing the eccentric sleeve, our single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can adapt to different material processing requirements.

Our single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a long crushing cavity and high output, which can ensure even crushing and a neat grain shape.

Adjusting the discharge opening and discharge of foreign matter through the hydraulic system can help to reduce labor intensity and technical difficulty.

Our single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher adopts a sealed cylinder structure for dustproof, which is safe and reliable with a low failure rate.

Our machine can ensure continuous and stable operation and can prevent automatic overload protection due to iron mixing.

We use a highly efficient rotating feeding device that makes the liner wear evenly.

Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher technical advantages

The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is supported at the upper and lower ends of the main shaft, which can withstand larger crushing force and larger stroke.

Equipped with a special crushing cavity shape that is compatible with the lamination principle, our single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushe has higher crushing efficiency.

The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is designed with a good combination of crushing stroke, crushing speed, and crushing cavity shape, so that the machine can produce 35%-60% higher output than the old spring cone with the same diameter.

Multiple cavity shapes for medium and fine crushing can be achieved by simply replacing the fixed cone.

Double insurance control of hydraulic and lubrication systems can ensure overload protection and good bearing lubrication.

High-tech hydraulic technology realizes overload protection and hydraulic adjustment of discharge opening, which simplifies the crusher structure and reduces weight.


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GP Cone Crusher

GP cone crusher is a kind of single-cylinder hydraulically adjusted cone crusher with a structure of two fulcrums on the upper and lower sides of the movable cone main shaft.

lower production cost
wider applicability
larger feeding port
easy maintenance
automated control

GP series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is developed with advanced crushing technology, integrating mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, intelligent control, and other technologies.

The new crushing structure, optimized laminated crushing cavity, and fully intelligent automatic control system make the GP series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher have performance characteristics that traditional cone crushers do not have. GP cone crusher is widely used in medium crushing, fine crushing, and ultrafine crushing in metallurgy, construction, hydropower, transportation, chemical industry, building materials, and other industries.

GP cone crusher can be easily adjusted for different production requirements. By choosing different crushing cavity types, the same crusher can be used in different stages of crushing to produce final products of different sizes. In addition, the stroke change function of the GP cone crusher makes it easy to adjust the crushing material throughput.

Machine type (fine crushing)Chamber typeInlet port(mm)Maximum feed size(mm)Discharge opening(mm)Motor power(KW)Output(t/h)
Machine type (medium crushing)Chamber typeInlet port(mm)Maximum feed size(mm)Discharge opening(mm)Motor power(KW)Output(t/h)
GP cone crusher parameters
The role of the hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is an important part of the single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, which has the advantages of small size, lightweight, easy installation, high power density, fast response, and high controllability. When you buy cone crushers, the hydraulic system means a lot.

  1. Prevent overload
    When the single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher carries out the crushing operation, the uncrushed material enters the gravel chamber and the crusher will increase the crushing force. At this time, the thrust provided by the hydraulic cylinder is lower than the pressure applied by the thrust plate on the working cylinder, and then the oil pressure in the high-pressure oil chamber of the working cylinder rises instantly, and the throttle valve makes the action valve work to limit the thrust plate to protect the machine.
  2. Automatic discharge of crushed material.
    When the gravel chamber is filled with gravel, the piston moves to the right and retracts due to the limitation of the large thrust provided by the working cylinder, and the discharge port of the cone crusher increases accordingly. When there is foreign material in the crushing cavity, the hydraulic system can make the moving cone back automatically and discharge the foreign material from the discharge opening automatically.
  3. Automatic recovery
    When the piston of the hydraulic system of the cone crusher is in the retracted position, the action valve will restore the valve core to the upper limit position under the condition of instantaneous high pressure in the upper chamber, and stop discharging oil to the system. At this time, under the action of the oil pressure adjustment system, the plunger-type fuel injection pump pumps oil to the system with a large amount of oil until the piston of the working cylinder moves to the left to the limit position, so that the cone crusher returns to the normal working state. The automation of the crushing process is realized.
The difference between single-cylinder and multi-cylinder cone crusher
Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusherMulti-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher
Broken effectGood medium crushing effect and large passing capacityThe effect of fine crushing is better, and the content of fine material is high.
Applicable materialsSoft ore and weathered oreMedium hard and high hard ore.
Discharge port adjustment methodFill or discharge oil to the main shaft oil cylinder through the oil pump, so that the main shaft moves up or down to adjust the size of the discharge port.Adjust the adjustment cap through the hydraulic pusher or hydraulic motor to drive the adjustment ring to rotate in the support sleeve.
Lubrication systemAccess from the lower end of the main shaft and drive shaft sectionEnter from the lower oil hole and the oil hole on the transmission shaft frame.
Source of crushing forceThe shaft and the movable cone are supported as a base, and the eccentric sleeve drives the main shaft to provide crushing force.The main shaft provides bearing capacity, and the eccentric sleeve drives the moving cone to provide crushing force.
Maintenance methodMain maintenance is achieved by replacing the liner, which requires high technical requirements.All parts can be disassembled and maintained from the top or side, making daily replacement more convenient.
AdvantageSimple structure, low failure rate, low manufacturing cost, convenient maintenance, and high outputWide range of applicable materials, stable performance, and long service life.
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