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About sand production line

Sand production line is a kind of special production line equipment for producing construction sand and stone, which is 50% energy-saving than traditional sand making machine. It can make rocks, gravel, river pebbles and other materials into a variety of particle size in line with the requirements of construction sand, sand made by the sand production line with uniform granularity, high compressive strength, far more than natural sand, ordinary hammer sand  making machine production of sand more in line with the construction requirements, and better able to improve the quality of construction. The sand production line equipment produced by machinery is characterized by reliable performance, reasonable design, convenient operation and high working efficiency.


Sand Applications

Sand is an indispensable building material, but it is not limited to infrastructure construction, but also can be widely used in construction, gardening, chemical industry, ceramics and other fields. Sand and gravel in different fields have different characteristics and requirements, and their production and application also differ. We provide sandproduction lines that can meet different usage scenarios, and design a sand crushing plant that maximizes the benefits for your requirements.

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Sand Crushing Process

During the working process of sand production line, the large stone is evenly sent into the jaw crusher for coarse crushing by the vibrating feeder through the silo, and the coarse crushed stone is sent into the cone crusher (or impact crusher) by the belt conveyor for medium crushing, and the medium crushed stone is sent into the vibrating screen by the belt conveyor for screening, and the finished sand (under-screened material) is sent to the washing machine by the belt conveyor for cleaning and then to the finished product through the belt conveyor. The finished sand (under-screen material) is sent to the sand washing machine by the belt conveyor for cleaning and then sent to the finished product by the belt conveyor; the large particles of stone (on-screen material) are sent to the vertical impact crusher (sand making machine) for fine crushing, and the finely crushed stone is sent to the vibrating screen again by the belt conveyor for screening, thus forming a closed circuit for many times.

sand making process

Feeding system

Crushing system

Screening and conveying system

advantages of Our sand production line

Sand production line is widely used in stone factory, mine, metallurgy, building materials, highway, railroad, water conservancy, chemical industry and other departments. The production capacity ranges from 50-500t/h, and the finished product size can be combined and graded according to the different needs of users. The three major performance advantages of sand production line:

1. More convenient maintenance operation, compared with other sand production line equipment, equipment maintenance is simple, wearing parts color with the latest domestic high-strength wear-resistant materials, small loss, long service life, can bring considerable economic benefits for customers.

2. Fully automated operation process, higher production efficiency, work efficiency is more optimized, high degree of automation, crushing ratio, high production efficiency, large capacity, after crushing the product is cubic, low content of needle and flake, no internal cracks, high compressive strength.

3. Wider range of applications successfully used in limestone, basalt, granite, cobblestone and other rocks crushing and processing, the quality of the crushed finished product fully meets the GB14685-2001 standards for higher roads, railroads, water conservancy, concrete mixing plant and other industries to provide qualified aggregates.


Why Choose Us

1、The whole sand production line is reasonably designed, each sand making machine can be used as much as it can, not idle, to achieve the purpose of high efficiency. The high degree of cooperation between sand making machine avoids unnecessary processes, and the equipment covers a small area, which can be useful to reduce the site costs. 

2, The choice of dry production mode, the material is stored in cement round storage, configured with multiple dust collectors, less dust and low noise in the production process, sand production in line with national environmental standards. It is well sealed and equipped with noise reduction, dust removal and spraying equipment, which is good for environmental protection. A sedimentation tank can be built in the sand washing process to recycle water resources.

3、The primary crushing intermediate storage is big enough to separate the primary crushing process and the later process, which can be produced in segments according to the low electricity and weather conditions, and the system command is flexible.

4、High degree of automation, strong processing capacity, the mechanism sand produced is of good grain shape, uniform particles, reasonable grading, in line with the national standards for construction sand. Adopt advanced electric control operating system to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the whole sand production line. 

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Case: 500 tph sand production line


The equipment types and models of the sand production line are not randomly matched. Appropriate types and models of crushing, sand making, and screening equipment must be configured according to the moisture content, hardness, processing capacity, etc. of the raw materials being processed. Dry sand and gravel equipment configuration: C6X125 jaw crusher, HST250S1 single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, HPT300M multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher (2 units), VSI6X1150 sand making machine, S5X2760-3 vibrating screen (2 units), S5X2460 -3 vibrating screens (4 units), F5X1360 vibrating feeder, conveyor

1. Process: Depending on the feed particle size, the equipment that needs to be configured for the sand production line is different. When the feed is between 800mm-1500mm, rough processing needs to be performed first, that is, a jaw crusher needs to be configured. If the feed particle size of the material being processed is Between 60-800mm, before sand production, only medium and fine crushing processing is required, that is, only an impact crusher or cone crusher is needed.

2. Finished product: The particle size of the finished product must be clear, because the particle size of the sand produced by the sand and gravel production line is determined by the vibrating screen. The appropriate type of screening equipment must be configured according to the specifications of the required sand and gravel aggregate.

3. Cooperation: Equipment must match. When configuring sand production line equipment, it is not only required for individual equipment, but also whether they match each other is more important. This is the key to ensuring stable and effective operation of the entire sand production line.

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