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A rollerscreen is a kind of mineral processing equipment for grading according to the size of material particles, generally used for grading and screening of medium and fine grain materials, with stable operation, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, and simple and flexible process layout, etc.

Feeding size: 800-1000mm
Installed power: 2*45KW frequency-controlled motor
Production capacity: 200-300t/h
Applicable materials: Bauxite, clay, limestone, marble, granite, gypsum, ore, iron ore, gold ore, glass sand, coal, silica, slag, etc.

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Working principle

The screen surface of the rollerscreen is composed of multiple parallel-arranged sieve shafts with sieve pieces, and the sieve shaft is driven to rotate by the transmission device, and the direction of rotation is the same as the direction of material flow. The gap between the sieve shaft and the sieve sheet forms the sieve hole, and the material smaller than the sieve hole is subject to the action of the self-weight and the rotating force of the sieve shaft, and the material larger than the sieve hole will continue to move forward along the sieve surface and become the sieve material, and finally realize the classification of the material.

Structure of rollerscreen

The rollerscreen is generally made of manganese steel, and the drive motor control circuit is equipped with an electrical overload protection device, which can automatically alarm and stop when the sieve shaft is blocked. The screen shaft is generally connected to the reducer by a nylon rod pin, which can be cut off when the screen shaft is blocked to protect the motor. The lower part of the screen shaft is installed with a cleaning device to keep the screen clean.

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Outstanding advantages

  • Our rollerscreen can achieve wet and dry separation in the crushing process
  • Strong processing capacity, high screening efficiency
  • Reasonable technical parameters, high structural strength
  • Our efficient rollerscreen can be continuously optimized to ensure high productivity
  • Reliable operation and less noise
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance
  • Easy to encapsulate dust

Technical advantages

  • Multiple adjustment possibilities to ensure optimum screening performance
  • A high acceleration rate keeps the screen bars partially clean
  • Small floor area and high capacity
  • Longer service life owing to wear-resistant screen plates
  • A separate drive of screen shaft, low rotation speed, smoother running, and good for sticky materials to pass through the screen
  • The screen shaft rotates at uniform speed, with no vibration of the whole machine, and high reliability

Choose the model you need by referring to the following specifications
ModelWidth of screen surface (mm)Number of shaftCapacity (t/h)Sieve hole size (mm)Sieving efficiency (%)Power (kw)

Our equipment can handle a wide range of particle sizes. Tell us your processing requirements and we will provide you with targeted solutions.

Application of Wobbler feeders

The wobbler feeder plays an important role in the production and processing of stone production lines, sand production line, and other production processes.

Wide application

One machine for multiple uses

Compared with the traditional separation equipment, the wobbler feeder is not easy to block, which can ensure the processing capacity and screening effect when grading wet viscous materials with no vibration, low noise, and good dust isolation during operation, so it has been used more in the preparation screening and fine particle level de-dusting operation of many kinds of materials in recent years and has achieved remarkable results. Among them, the wobbler feeder plays an important role in the screening of coal materials.
The capacity of the wobbler feeder is 4 times that of a traditional rolling screen with the same volume, and the screening efficiency is 2 times that of a traditional rolling screen.

Industries of application

Application areas: metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, coal system, highway, railroad, high-rise building, municipal, hydropower dam construction, concrete mixing plant, sand and gravel quarries, etc.

The rollerscreen is suitable for screening various granular, powdery, and other bulk materials with looseness of 0.5~2.5t/m3 and particle size of 0~300mm. For example, in the process of coal handling, the rollerscreen is generally assembled in the process before the coal crusher and is suitable for the classification and screening of granular materials such as bituminous coal, anthracite, and lignite.

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