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The gyratory crusher is a kind of rock primary processing equipment, which is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, the chemical industry, and hydropower sector, and other industries. As one of the main machines for the coarse crushing of ores or rocks, the gyratory crusher has the features of a large crushing ratio, high production capacity, and uniform product size.

Feeding size: 1600mm
Installed power: 800kw
Production capacity: 3620-6800TPD
Applicable materials: granite, diabase, basalt, river pebble, limestone, dolomite, metallic ores, non-metallic ores, etc.

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Working principle

The gyratory crusher is composed of a transmission, machine base, eccentric sleeve, crushing cone, middle frame, beam, prime mover, oil cylinder, hydraulic pressure, pulley, electrical, and dry and thin oil lubrication.

fixed cone
oil cylinder
eccentric sleeve
movable cone
drive shaft
main shaft

The motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the pulley and the bevel gear, and when the eccentric sleeve rotates, it drives the crushing cone to swing around the center of the crusher. In this process, the materials entering the crushing cavity are continuously squeezed and bent to be crushed. 

The crushed material is discharged from the bottom of the crushing chamber by its weight.

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Why choose AGICO gyratory crusher

High production capacity & Continuous crushing

As an experienced gyratory crusher manufacturer, our gyratory crusher adopts a constant cavity design, and the length is 1.5 times that of the traditional rotary crusher, which can accommodate more ores at one time, with a strong crushing capacity and high production efficiency.

High crushing ratio & Finished product in good shape

Using the principle of multi-level crushing, the large ore below 1350mm can be crushed to about 120mm, and the crushing ratio is large. If you only want to crush raw materials above 1000t/h and there is no special requirement for the final particle shape, you can choose a gyratory crusher. Because it can feed on both sides, the crushing time is greatly reduced and the crushing ratio is improved, thus saving a lot of energy costs.

Low energy consumption & High income

Our gyratory crusher can produce 2500-3500 tons per hour, but only needs a 450kw motor with low energy consumption.

Low cost of infrastructure & Parts replacement

No additional feeding device is required

Hydraulic intelligent adjustment

Choose the model you need by referring to the following specifications
MODELPower (kW)RpmFeed port size(mm)Discharge port siz(mm)Maximum feed size(mm)Output (t/h)
PXZ 050613058550060420140~170
PXZ 0710155730700100580310~400
PXZ 0913210730900130750625~770
PXZ 0917210730900170750815~910
PXZ 1216400/450500120016010001500-2000
PXZ 1221400/450500120021010002100-2500
PXZ 1417450/500500140017012002000-2500
PXZ 1422450/500500140022012002500-3000
PXZ 1619630500160019013504300-4800
PXQ 0710130585700100580200~240
PXQ 0913155730900130750350~400
PXQ 121521073512001501000720~815
PXF 5474450490137215211502200-2500
PXF 5484450490137220311502500-3000
PXF 6089560/630490152417813004000-4500
PXF 60110800/900/10004901524175-28013004500-8000
PXF 7293630295182917815503800-5000
Specifications of different models of gyratory crushers

installed gyratory crusher
installed gyratory crusher

Our equipment can handle a wide range of particle sizes. Tell us your processing requirements and we will provide you with targeted solutions.

Automatic Hydraulic Gyratory Crusher

Our automatic gyratory crusher has a fine crushing cavity design to ensure stronger production capacity, larger feed particle size, and longer service life.



Easy operation and maintenance

As large-scale equipment, the gyratory crusher pays special attention to the convenience of maintenance in the design and is equipped with automatic lubrication and a hydraulic system. The lubrication system can automatically lubricate heating, cooling, and circulation according to the production conditions; it is equipped with an automatic spindle position control system, which can control the spindle through the hydraulic system. The gear adjustment device can easily adjust the backlash of the gear, and the taper sleeve and seal of the upper frame body can be replaced without removing the frame beam.

Intelligent control system

The intelligent control system effectively reduces the rate of overload to achieve greater throughput and a lower failure rate. In the further crushing process, it can automatically change the feed material. Its automatic calibration function can realize one-key operation, which greatly reduces the input of labor and time, and reduces the cost of use. In addition, the human-machine interface of the intelligent control system is more user-friendly, allowing operators to troubleshoot faster and more efficiently.

Remote monitoring and diagnosis system

Through the Internet of Things technology, the operating status of the crusher can be obtained in real-time, such as the load situation, the usage of the liner, and the frequency of failures. By analyzing these data, we can judge possible faults in advance when the equipment is still working normally and can perform corresponding maintenance on the equipment in advance, so it can effectively reduce the loss caused by equipment downtime and maximize production efficiency.

Continuous high-intensity work

Our automatic gyratory crusher has a super heavy-duty frame, a large-diameter integral main shaft, and high-precision cast bearings. The whole machine has higher strength and longer service life, ensuring reliable continuous high-strength production, and can be suitable for harsher production. working conditions, ensuring trouble-free operation and longer service life.

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