Basalt Processing: Crushing Lines and Crushers


How much do you know about basalt?


Basalt is mostly black, black brown or dark green, the nature of its own hard, Mohs hardness 5-7, dense compression strength is very high, can be as high as 300MPa, so the selection of crushing force, strong wear-resistant equipment in order to ensure that the output, efficiency, revenue, etc., processing of basalt crushing equipment commonly used in he Jaw Crusher, Cone Crusher, Impact Sand Maker, etc., and tailored to customize the production program.

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Basalt Crushing Process

Coarse crushing

Coarse basalt chunks of material through the silo by the vibrating feeder uniform feeding, transported to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing, coarse crushed material by the vibrating screen screening, conveyed by the belt conveyor to the impact crusher or cone crusher for medium and fine crushing.

Middle and fine crushing, screening

Middle and fine crushing conveyed to the impact crusher/cone crusher in the basalt through the middle and fine crushing, the use of circular vibrating screen screening, the larger particles of material returned to the impact crusher/cone crusher crushing again.

Cleaning and packaging

Sand will be crushed basalt sent to the sand making machine for further crushing and shaping, such as the need for clean basalt, can be sent to the sand washing machine cleaning.

Capacity: >300TPH

Equipment: jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher

basalt processing
basalt crushing process

Basalt Crushing Machinery and Equipment

Basalt processing heavily relies on a series of crushing and screening equipment, categorized by their functions:

Jaw Crusher

Role: Primary crushing equipment, breaking large basalt chunks into smaller pieces through powerful squeezing.

Working Principle: Utilizes the narrow space between two jaw plates to repeatedly squeeze and crush large material.

Features: Simple structure, high crushing ratio, and high production efficiency, albeit with less uniform particle size after crushing.

Cone Crusher

Role: Used for secondary and tertiary crushing to further break down material crushed by the jaw crusher.

Working Principle: Material undergoes pressure and abrasion between the crushing cone and the concave wall, driven by an electric motor.

Features: Enables continuous crushing, high efficiency, and suitability for medium to soft materials.

Impact Crusher

Role: Ideal for shaping crushed material to achieve a more uniform particle size and enhance crushing efficiency.

Working Principle: Utilizes high-speed rotating rotors with hammer plates to impact and crush material, promoting rebound collisions.

Features: High crushing efficiency, good particle shape, and wide applicability, but comes with higher wear and maintenance costs.

Vibrating Screen

Role: Used for sieving, classifying crushed material based on particle size.

Working Principle: Vibrating motors or exciters generate vibrations, causing material to jump on the screen surface for classification.

Features: Simple structure, easy operation, and maintenance, adjustable sieve aperture based on requirements.

Conveying Equipment

Role: Such as belt conveyors, transporting crushed material to subsequent processing or storage locations.

Types: Include belt conveyors, conveyor belts, and bucket elevators.

Features: High conveying capacity, continuous transport, high reliability, adaptable to terrain and material characteristics.


These machines play critical roles in the basalt processing process. Choosing the right equipment based on actual needs and process flows is key to achieving efficient, cost-effective processing. Each device has unique working principles and application characteristics. Understanding and utilizing their performance can significantly enhance the efficiency and quality of basalt processing.

Characteristics and Stages of Basalt Production Line

1. High Efficiency

To meet production requirements, the production line must possess high output capabilities. More efficiency means more profits.

2. Particle Size Control

Due to the hardness and toughness of basalt, the particle size after crushing is often suboptimal, necessitating a shaping and crushing stage for improvement.

3. Wear Resistance

Considering basalt’s impact on equipment wear, the production line must be equipped with wear-resistant machinery and materials.

4. Multi-stage Crushing

Typically involves coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing, and shaping stages to achieve the desired stone particle size.

5. Environmental Requirements

To minimize dust emissions during crushing, the production line should include dust removal equipment or operate in enclosed areas

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Important Considerations for basalt crushing


During the basalt processing, several critical considerations must be kept in mind:

1. Equipment Selection: Choose suitable crushing equipment based on actual conditions, ensuring it can withstand the hardness and silicon content of basalt.

2. Maintenance and Care: Regularly inspect and maintain crushing equipment, replacing worn parts promptly to ensure normal operation and extend service life.

3. Production Control: Adjust crusher parameters through automation or manual control to achieve the desired stone particle size and production yield.

4. Environmental Compliance: Adhere to national and local environmental regulations, ensuring effective treatment and control of dust and other pollutants generated during the crushing process.

5. Safety Operations: Ensure trained operators follow safety protocols, especially when dealing with large or challenging basalt blocks.

6. Investment Cost and Returns: When considering the purchase and use of crushing equipment, comprehensively evaluate the relationship between investment costs, operating costs, and returns to ensure the project’s economic viability.

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